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7 Chakra Crystal Set

7 Chakra Crystal Set

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This set is perfect for the beginner. Comes complete with 7 different crystals representing the 7 chakras.

One bundle of white sage and one stick of palo Santos 

Crown Chakra- Clear Quartz

Location:  Top of the head.

Represents: Higher Consciousness & divine connection.

Color: Violet

Third Eye Chakra- Amethyst

Location: Center of the forehead,between the eyes.

Represents: Intuition & foresight

Color: Indigo

Throat Chakra- Lapis Lazuli

Location: Center of the neck.

Represents: Ability to speak clearly & effectively.

Color: Blue

Heart Chakra- Green Aventurine

Location: Center of the chest.

Represents: Love, self -love,& governs relationships in our lives.

Color: Green

Solar Plexis Chakra-  Citrine

Location: Just below the chest.

Represents: Personal responsibility, self -esteem, will power, & pleasure.

Color: Yellow

Sacral Chakra- Carnelian

Location: Just below the navel.

Represents:  Creativity & sexual energy.

Color: Orange

Root Chakra-  Red Jasper

Location: At the base of the spine.

Represents: Stability, grounding, & security. The foundation of our lives.