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Intuitive Readings w/Kasiya June 22nd/24th

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Please select a day and time frame, $1 to reserve your 1hour block:this block holds your space.reading times vary with each service.

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- Quick Intuitive guidance: this service is a short & to the point reading where I will pull a couple tarot + oracle cards to provide you with any messages spirit needs you to know most at the time. $24.44, about 15 min.
- General Intuitive guidance: this service is perfect for those without a specific topic in mind but wanting to get some clarity about the direction they are going in. We’ll access the energies surrounding you and get into any blockages in your path as well as the opportunities around you. $33.33, about 20-30 mins.
- In-depth Intuitive guidance: This service is an in depth reading over a specific topic of your choosing whether it’s love, finances, business, fertility, etc. Whatever topic or situation you would like to address. $55.55, about 30-40 mins.




 About our Reader:


Kasiya Jackson is the founder and owner of Ascending Empress, a business by a woman and for women. At Ascending Empress I focus on holistic + herbal healing, spiritual tools for your elevation and intuitive readings. My goal as a reader of 4+ years is to provide you with clarity, guidance and confidence as you step into & stay on your path.