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Yoga Class w/ Natalie
Yoga Class w/ Natalie
Yoga Class w/ Natalie

Yoga Class w/ Natalie

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Welcome to Yoga with Create To Be Great Manifestation Store!

We are providing a beautiful space to connect and reset through the art & therapy of Yoga.

Classes are scheduled every week.

Individual & Private Group Yoga is Available.

Themed and Special Yoga Days will provided.

Children's Yoga

Parent/Me Yoga

Intentional Yoga


Small Class Sizes 10-12, Covid protocols, BYOM 

 Price: $30-$90 (Varies with theme) 


Meet Our Instructor:



Nat received her initial yoga teacher certification in October 2020 and is currently on a heart centered path towards becoming a certified yoga therapist. She encourages her students to challenge their body, honor their yogic edge, and get creative in their poses. Through yoga, she seeks to change the Western perception of what it means to be a yogi & aims to have as much fun while doing it.





Yoga Class w/ Natalie