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Chasing the fear and traveling beyond it in Bangkok, Thailand- Createtoebgreat.com- Your Manifestation Brand

How many of you have chased your fears?

Will Smith recently just stated " You either do it...or you do it scared!"

Many of us tend to walk away from the fear instead of embracing it, but sometimes the embracing is what changes the fear.

I was most fortunate to travel to Bangkok, Thailand in 2018. I had never dreamed of traveling so far away, but when the opportunity presented itself, something inside of me couldn't see myself anywhere else for my 30th!

The past few years of my life, i had truly transformed. My consistent mantra "Create to be Great" outweighed the fear of traveling to a land so far from my home.

 I wanted to be GREAT , experience Greatness, & taste Greatness.

Thailand, was so far away. I had to look at the map to see how far it was I was sending my husband and I. Like men, he just knew that we were leaving!  The shock of his face on the plane finding out we had a 15 hr flight ahead of us was...priceless.

Unaware of how to speak the language, knowing very little about the culture outside of a few google searches and we were off. We traveled through Shanghai, China which was an adventure in itself and finally landed in Bangkok.

The experience was unlike one I have yet to top. The culture , the people and the community was astounding. Walking out onto a street full of vendors with any and everything you need. Tasting Michelin Star street food from a grandmother who's been using the same recipes passed down to her, touches your soul like no other.

We traveled to Pattaya, para-sailed and jet-skied on a private island. Touch Tigers & Elephants! Everyday there was a new experience and if asked...and not so much of a prude..go to the pingpong show.HA!  That is truly a one of a kind experience

The Grand Palace & Temples absolutely takes you breath away. The way that the temples are designed so intricately, like each stone was placed one by one.


Being so in awe of my experience that I obtained a dying hunger for more.

.More places to go, More things to eat, More cultures to explore...

I needed more.

I decided to chase that feeling, the fear I had before and after I had chosen this place.

If it feared me.... I had to do it...

And here I am...continuing the chase.






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