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Collection: Affirmation Wand Collection

Introducing The Affirmation Wand, the first and original handcrafted crystal-infused ballpoint pen designed to empower you to write with intention. Created by Create To Be Great, this unique writing tool combines the power of crystals with the act of writing, allowing you to infuse your words with positive energy and purpose.

Each Affirmation Wand is meticulously crafted, featuring a carefully selected crystal that aligns with specific intentions. As you write, the crystal's energy merges with your thoughts, amplifying your affirmations and intentions, and helping to manifest them into reality.

With The Affirmation Wand in your hand, you can transform your writing experience into a powerful ritual. Set your intentions, express your gratitude, and affirm your dreams and goals as you glide the pen across paper. Feel the energy flowing through you, igniting your creativity and empowering your words.

Whether you're journaling, scripting, or writing down your affirmations, The Affirmation Wand enhances the process, bringing focus, clarity, and intention to your writing practice. It serves as a constant reminder to believe in yourself, stay aligned with your dreams, and manifest greatness in all areas of your life.

Experience the magic of The Affirmation Wand and elevate your writing to new heights. Embrace the power of intention and let your words become catalysts for positive change. Unlock your creativity, amplify your affirmations, and make your dreams a reality with The Affirmation Wand from Create To Be Great.

Note: Each Affirmation Wand is unique and may vary in crystal type and design.